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Tommykaira ZZ ready for a customizable EV closeup

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Tesla Roadster? What Tesla Roadster? Japanese automaker GLM and Japan racing-car maker Tommykaira are putting the finishing touches on one very cool electric roadster. No word on when it will reach the US but it looks worth waiting for.

The Tommykaira ZZ is said to be able to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds, about the same as a Tesla Roadster, according to Tech In Asia.


Tesla tidbits: Roadster getting 'exciting' upgrade in 2014

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It’s been quite a while since we’ve had news about the Tesla Roadster. The original Tesla electric vehicle hasn’t been sold in the US for years and we’re in a quiet period before the next-generation shows its face. We were fine with the status quo – it’s not like Tesla Motors isn’t keeping busy with other projects in the meantime – but something that CEO Elon Musk said during the annual shareholder meeting caught our eye this week: the Roadster will get some sort of update before the end of the year.

Details were obviously not disclosed, but Musk did say that something cool is coming:

We are planning on I think a fairly exciting upgrade to the Roadster.


Toyota unofficially teases TE-S800 plug-in hybrid roadster

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We really want to party with the Toyota Engineering Society. With the mothership company showing a bunch of modifications at the Tokyo Auto Salon last month, that nutty engineering group used the event to unofficially show off its TE-S800 PHEV roadster, as you can see in the two-minute video below.

The car is a plug-in hybrid that pairs the 115-horsepower gas engine that’s standard issue on the Toyota Prius hybrid with a 102-horsepower electric motor. The right-hand-drive two-seat-vehicle also sits on the platform of the little-bitty MR2 (remember those?) so it weighs in at less than 2,000 lbs.

CARazed – December 10, 2011

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Historic Milestone For Tesla


Today regular production begins for the 2008 Tesla Roadster. In other words, production electric cars are officially back since GM killed their EV1 electric car. Production should reach about 100 cars per month for the roadster. Two retail stores will be opened in Los Angeles and Menlo Park, California.

If you’re ready to jump into your own electric car you might be disappointed to learn that the first model year is sold out. Luckily you can get in line for a $100,000 2009 Tesla Roadster now, 900 reservations have already been taken.

If a two door roadster isn’t enough car for you, Tesla will be offering a five passenger sports sedan in 2010. It’s expected that the Tesla WhiteStar will be offered with two power trains, an all-electric version and a plug-in hybrid or range extended electric vehicle.  The cost of the Tesla Sedan should also be more affordable, in the $50,000 ballpark.

AutoblogGreen gets the first drive of the Tesla Roadster!

The day has arrived, and its a wonderful day. Automotive journalists in the seat of the all electric Tesla Roadster. Great article and review at AutoblogGreen and the car sounds like a success albeit a bit spartan a la Lotus Elise. They also help the reader get a very good idea of how different it is to drive an electric sports car. Unlike a ‘normal’ car the Tesla will have a single gear and the electric motor’s massive torque is available from zero to 6000 RPM. In other words when you stop on the accelerator the car takes off and doesn’t quit, jerk, or shift until it hits maximum speed. I’m looking forward to many more reviews and I hope the rest of the automotive press is as impressed as the folks at AutoblogGreen.

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