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Fisker Karma will be built along side Porsche Boxsters

Valmet Automotive, the same company Porsche contracts to build the Boxster and Caymen sports cars, has been chosen to build the Fisker Karma 100 MPG plug-in hybrid luxury sedan. This is a very good sign that the Karma is on course for a 2010 release and that quality and production levels will be very high. Fisker expects production levels to be about 15,000 cars a year. Valmet has been building Boxsters for Porsche for over 10 years and I’m certain this experience will pay off for Fisker.

The Karma will have a 350 mile range. It will run on a full battery charge alone for 50 miles before it’s recharged while driving by a small gasoline motor. At night Karma owners can recharge by plugging into a normal household outlet. Top speed will be 125 MPH and it will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in under six seconds. In other words, the Fisker Karma will be very comparable to other luxury sedans. So far no journalist has gotten a ride in the real thing, to my knowledge. I hope the real thing is as impressive as it looks like on paper.