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CARazed – December 10, 2011

A newsletter and blog dedicated to the future of transportation in our peak world. The following are excerpts from news recent articles.

Are Today’s Hybrids are a Greenwash?

Let me show you why I think today’s hybrids, like the Honda Insight, might just be a greenwash. Honda has been building super efficient cars for decades. The emissions of the older cars was slightly higher than today’s cars but it seems fuel economy has remained relatively stagnant.


A 1988 Honda CRX HF was rated at 37 MPG City and 47 MPG Highway and it put 4.5 tons of greenhouse gasses per year. [source]

A 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid is rated at 40 MPG City and 45 MPG Highway and pumps out 4.4 tons of greenhouse gasses per year. [source] Continue reading

Hey Look! A greenwashed pork scented Hummer. Yippee!

An electric Hummer is completely stupid! Actually it’s not even really electric, it’s a range extended Hummer. But it doesn’t stop there, now there’s this U.S. Senator pushing this green washed Hummer like a used car salesman. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) thinks that Americans “need” big trucks.


Yes some people need big trucks… absolutely… no argument there… but a greenwashed Hummer? Dude, get real! If you give one tiny ounce for the environment a Hummer, even an H3, is not on your list of preferred choices no matter how efficient it looks on paper. Continue reading