500 Tesla Roadsters are now on the road

This is good news for the world of electric cars. There are now 500 Tesla Roadsters on the street. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not pro electric super car. I’d much rather see a bunch of affordable and practical electric cars hitting the road, but Tesla is paving the way for a brighter future filled with electric cars.


Expensive electric and plug-in hybrid cars are an interesting double edged sword. In order to get early adopters to buy into the idea of electric cars Tesla had to build an exclusive high-performance vehicle. This came at a very high cost at the showroom and to investors.

But now that Daimler owns 10% of Tesla it seems even more likely that electric car technologies will someday soon leak into the sub-$20K market and we’ll begin to see some real highway capable electric cars on the market. I’m certain we’re talking 2010, 2011, or later but their time will come. Until then hold onto that small economy car or trade in that SUV for a good used hatchback.

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